Do you need a coach? Has it been suggested that you should work with a coach?

When struggling with personal or corporate change, crisis management and transition, a coach aligns with your challenges and desire to achieve your coaching goals. The coach is your sounding board, your team member and the person you can trust when needing to explore change or challenges. Direct, honest and fair feedback from your coach makes your efforts more efficient and effective. Your work and commitment to the coaching process will result in positive changes and development.

What is the coaching experience? Set a time that is most convenient for you – a time when you can indulge yourself in your coaching process. Give yourself enough time to either drive and park, or walk, to the appointment. Turn off your mobile phone and laptop, unless you use those to keep notes. Your first session will involve information gathering, and you will share the story that brought you to coaching. There will many questions designed learn more from you, learn about your company and the reasons you feel the need for a coach. By the end of the first session, your client goal may or may not seem clear, but it will take on focus as your work continues. During the process there may be homework, some light reading and time set aside for personal writing or reflection. The intensity of the work is client prescribed and individually customized. There are no canned models that you are required to adopt in your personal coaching process. For continuity and flexibility, John works with you on setting up Skype meetings and is available on short notice for addressing urgent situations that may be unexpected and outside of the primary engagement. In coaching parlance, these urgent issues are commonly referred to as “spot coaching”, and John is skilled in dealing with urgent situations.

Rates and length of engagement: A minimum engagement is three months, and a client’s progress is as varied as the clients themselves. Generally, the client who commits to the process and regularity of meeting experiences the most value from the engagement. There are also six, nine or twelve month rates and an agreed frequency of meeting that will ensure our mutual availability for the entire period of work. Rates are discussed with you in advance to arrive at a fair result for you or your company. John will also consider reduced fee arrangements for selected non-profit organizations.