About the CoachMeet John Rizzardi

JohnRizzardi_PlaceholderWith years of experience working with a wide array of businesses, and as an owner, manager and executive team member of three Seattle law firms, John brings perspective and wisdom that his clients find invaluable as they plan, deal with challenges or work on personal growth. To augment this experience, John is certified as an Executive and Leadership Coach by the Hudson Institute of Coaching.

John connects with people and their companies – listening, questioning and working with the client to develop strategies to examine and reach their goals. During his 39-year legal career, John has worked with thousands of clients and client situations. The clients and their companies have been diverse, but the constant is always the desire of people to achieve their goals.

Unlike legal counseling clients, coaching is not constrained by rules and procedures. It is not an adversarial system and there are no losers. John employs the Hudson Institute methodology of “leading from behind,” a process where the client brings the goal to the coach and, in alignment, the client works towards the goal, obtaining feedback, reflection and structured guidance during the working sessions. What distinguishes John is his depth of experience in many professions and industries. In short, he relates to the client’s factual circumstances, bringing questions or thoughts that are relevant – not abstract. The combination has proven effective–John is consistently focused on real world concerns that impact every client, such as limitations of time, challenging work schedules and the competing demands of personal issues, family and work.

John is available for local engagements that require travel or extended work at a client’s location. Client sessions usually take place in his office, or, he can meet at the client’s location, provided the client’s office provides the appropriate confidentiality and privacy. PSS_Hudson