Coaching Testimonials

I had the good fortune to find and work with John Rizzardi as my Business Coach. I have worked with John on and off for the last two years. As an independent consultant, running my newly formed business, I had some trouble identifying both my niche and value proposition in an ever changing and competitive market here in Seattle, WA.  John was very insightful and incredibly skilled at pulling out information I had within me.  He somehow managed to ask the right questions, like an investigator, leading me to the right place to find the answers I was searching for. In the seven months I worked with John, I went from anxious and unsure to confident and determined. I regained a sense of professional and personal purpose, as well as confidence in my skill sets, experience and my value proposition when speaking with future potential clients. John made what can be a scary and anxiety provoking process both easy and enjoyable.  I will continue to work with John as it has been such an incredibly rewarding and successful journey. I highly recommend John as a skilled and wise Business Consultant to any individual or business.

Jennifer S. , Business Coaching, August 2014

John Rizzardi, as a coach for my ministry with the Multi-Faith Coalition to Address Human Trafficking, was most important.  John brought me into the clarity of the vision and mission and its purpose and goal. His coaching highlighted my own values, principles, skills and experiences as a leader and facilitator  in this Coalition.  Through several meetings we reached into the various and possible structures our possible Board, i.e. Planning Committee, might take, the pros and cons of the possible structural choices. He enabled me to dialogue with possible members and directed me to a deeper perspective on the role of Board Members and the necessary advantages one choice over another could or would make.  This was most invaluable for me. I could confront myself with more honesty in my own role in light of the future of the Coalition and my future stepping back as the chairperson…The future of the Coalition took priority over my own outlook on this newly formed Coalition and how it could be effective in addressing human trafficking with representatives of the Abrahamic faiths, Christian, Muslim and Jew. I am benefiting every day from the coaching contribution of John Rizzardi.

Sister Joyce Cox , Coaching Client

John’s is a significant part of my success over the last year. He assisted in refining my business goals, then focusing my efforts to achieve them. He is an excellent listener, asks poignant questions, and uses his expertise as a coach to organize my thoughts. This allows me to advance with confidence and resolve.

Joseph P. , Applied Leadership Teams

I worked with John for three months to develop a plan for my continued role in my company as a senior leader. The company’s standard pathway wasn’t appealing. John listened to my goal(s), the challenges and helped bring to me many observations and questions that enabled me to redefine the role I wanted. We then worked on how to present this to the company, and the outcome was excellent. John helped be get over the fear of disrupting the status quo and feel comfortable in presenting my continued value to my company.

Bryce R. , Seattle Professional Services Company

I had the pleasure of working with John as my executive coach. His insights, guidance, knowledge, and experience are invaluable as I navigated through my coaching needs.  He has a unique perspective and made me realize my blind spots, be aware of all my options and helped me to see the root cause of my concerns.  He goes deep to the core of the issue and lets me discover for myself the reasons why. The responsibility and ownership of any decision is always mine at the end of the day, and John helps me navigate through my different options.  John’s demeanor is always friendly and open.  He speaks from the wisdom of his experience and he is trustworthy, objective and sets me up for success. His coaching has been very invaluable for me as I navigated through my leadership journey.  I highly recommend John as a coach and am very happy to be working with him again.

M. A.