Individual Coaching & Strategic Planning

John is available for coaching of professionals, C-level executives and senior managers. He is available to work with attorneys or law firms in addressing challenges, onboarding of new and lateral hires, developing and strategizing about practice plans and facilitating practice group or firm retreats. As in any engagement, all work is strictly confidential. Non-disclosure agreements can be used when working with attorneys or their firms.

Turnaround Engagements

John’s extensive experience in working with distressed companies and turnaround engagements has created a unique niche for coaching in a corporate turnaround process. Directors and senior leadership can often be distracted, confused or resistant to the change inherent in a complex turnaround or restructuring. The jargon used by attorneys, financial advisors, courts and others can be challenging to both interpret and apply, making leadership less effective and responsive. For the company, John assists boards and leadership with keeping pace with the change that is demanded of them by the turnaround team. In addition, he can work with highly valued senior leaders as they learn to adapt to the new normal of the accelerated restructuring environment. Finally, for professional turnaround firms, John works closely between advisor and select leaders of the company to make that relationship more productive and efficient.

Facilitation of Planning Meetings & Retreats or Team Coaching

John will facilitate group meetings, strategic planning retreats and conferences. Facilitation engagements will initially involve a meeting with your firm representatives to outline the timing, budget and goals. If desired, he can conduct pre-retreat interviews, or, in conjunction with other providers, conduct pre-retreat personality or emotional intelligence assessments and suggest team building exercises during the retreat. He has the flexibility to travel and engage in pre-retreat on site preparation and multi-day conferences.

In addition, customized coaching teams can be assembled for addressing the needs of company groups, divisions or whenever multiple coaches may be needed. John’s extensive connections in the coaching industry enable him to recommend a wide array of coaches for the engagement.